Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Feedback wanted!

If you haven't answered our email poll yet, please take a moment to send our Site Coordinator your gardening options via email.

Our garden plan includes:

1) Family Plots:  At a cost of $20 for the season, you will be provided with a 60-100 sq ft plot where you can grow your own seeds and plants.

2) Communal Gardens:  At a cost of $15 for the season ($10 for Family Plot holders), you will work with other gardeners to maintain shared plots of larger crops (eg: potatoes, pumpkins, squash) and will receive a share of the harvest.

3) Donation and public tasting plots:  All members of the community garden will be encouraged to help maintain these plots, but we also invite community members who want to a chance to socialize and share (or learn) gardening skills, but who aren't interested in taking home produce. We'd ask you to donate at least $5 toward the group insurance.

Please let the Coordinator know which option, or options, are best for you.  If you've misplace the original email, you can reach Cheryl at  calvinparkcommunitygarden(at)gmail.com.

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