Tuesday, May 24, 2011

From the mouths of babes (well, almost)

Liz Neely's grade one/two class, from St. Thomas More School, visited our garden last week.  Not only did they enjoy exploring our new community space, but they chipped in and helped with planting the communal beds and spreading chips on the paths!  Here are their thoughts about their day in our garden:

“I liked when I was pushing the wheelbarrow full of wood chips.”  Teagan

“I liked carrying the grass.”  Dez

“I liked filling in the paths with wood chips.”  Isaac, Talen

“I liked when we were looking at the plants.”  Kimberly

“I liked putting the potatoes in the dirt.”  Audric

“I liked helping make the pumpkin patch.”  Kali, Brilyn

“I liked throwing the rabbit food onto the sod.”  Daniel

“I liked putting the worms on the orange sheet (tarp).”  Tyler

“I liked putting the potatoes in the holes.”  Brileigh

“I liked planting the broccoli.”  Andrew

“I liked planting the cabbage.”  Sophia

“I liked putting the wood chips in the pathway.”  Ricardo

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