Monday, March 5, 2012

February Meeting

1. Water barrels

A new downspout has been installed on the parking lot side of the church and the large water tank has been moved to this location. The Garden Network is giving us 4 more barrels. We will have twice the water capacity compared to last year. Alan has agreed to hook up the water barrels. A date needs to be set for this.

2. Volunteer Committees

Cheryl reviewed the volunteer interests expressed on the registration forms from the Harvest Party and was able to group 4-5 members into each committee. The donation plot only has two members at this time. Ideally 4 people are needed.
Cheryl will e-mail members to inform them of their groups and include volunteer position details. Committees will have a chance to meet at the AGM.

3. Family Plots

There are a total of 26 family plots this year and all but three are spoken for. These members have yet to confirm that they are giving up their spots. Cheryl suggested that plot numbers 21 and 22 (which are smaller in size from the rest) could be combined and turned into a communal asparagus patch. Nancy recommended starting asparagus from the roots rather than seeds.
There are six people waiting to be given a plot which could come from the old communal garden area close to the composters. Cheryl has also sent an e-mail to two teachers (Liz from St. Thomas More and Scott from Centennial) asking them to send information about the CPCG home to parents in the next school newsletter. Several people have contacted Cheryl through our flyer distribution in the fall, and two have joined our group so far.

4. Transformation of the Communal Plot

The communal bed will be divided up into family plots similar in size to the existing family plots. Cheryl will go to the garden on Friday and step it out to determine how many plots will fit in this space. One section, closest to the tool shed, is designated as a donation bed.

5. Financial Report

We finished last season with $50 remaining and have received $520 since the Harvest Party for family plots. $105 was spent on a recent seed order, but the money will be recouped through sales of the seeds at the AGM. The insurance fee (due in late April) is $385. That will leave us with $185. No other major expenses are anticipated. The City of Kingston is currently reviewing its policy with regards to community gardens. There may be more money available to us in the future. There is also the possibility that the Community Garden Network will be able to negotiate a lower insurance rate for us.

6. Signage

Cheryl showed us a beautiful professional sign for our garden! The cost of $300 was covered through a grant. Cheryl's husband, Mike, has volunteered to make a wooden frame for the sign. The final task will be to install it. Smaller signs will also be placed around the garden indicating: Tasting Plot, Family Plots, Little Fingers Garden, as well as a sign on the side of the tool shed.

7. Spring Jobs

• Beginning of April: set a date (weather dependent) for members to access a rototiller (on loan from a member or Cheryl's mom) to rototill their own plots
• Before April rains: redig ditches to divert rain water (site maintenance committee)
• Order and deliver compost from Norterra. Cheryl will look into the price. (Last year it was free.) Members could sign-up and pay for a certain number of wheelbarrels of compost.
• April?: arrange for delivery of free tree mulch. All members are encouraged to mulch at the end of May (except for bean patches)
Mulch will be dumped in the corner of the parking lot
• June: complete mulching around sprouted beans and other plants

8. Raised Bed

Nancy will contact Accessibility Kingston to see if anyone is interested in gardening in the raised bed. If there is no interest, Cheryl suggested using it as a communal herb garden.

9. Social Committee

This year the social committee will organize a group gardening evening once a week. The day of the week will vary to accommodate members with other commitments. A "Lead Gardener" will be on hand to answer questions and give advice. Members can take turns bringing snacks and drinks, and games will be available for children (eg. badminton).

10. Blog

Kim has stepped down from the Steering Committee. Nancy has agreed to post items on the blog until a new Communications Officer is recruited.

11. AGM

Cheryl will confirm a date with Mike from Cooke's Portsmouth United Church. Steering Committee members suggested the evening of Sunday April 1st. Date of AGM will be sent by e-mail to members as well as posted on our blog.

Items for the AGM:

1) Steering Committee open positions: Treasurer, Communications Officer
Cheryl will bring descriptions of these positions and encourage members
to consider joining the Steering Committee

2) Compost: Once a price is determined, a sign up sheet will be posted for
members to sign up and pay for a certain amount of compost

3) Volunteer committees: groups will meet to discuss their role and
upcoming jobs. Members will be informed that they are welcome to assist
on more than one committee if they like. The donation bed committee
needs a few more members to tend to the plot and take the donated
vegetables to a designated site.

4) Communal Asparagus Bed: Members will be asked if there is interest in a
communal asparagus bed

5) Mulching and Trench Digging: Nancy will discuss these jobs

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